A New Feature – Wood Burning Details

One of our creative brides had the great idea to label her tables with flower names! To help enhance this great idea the Lost Hill Lake Events team and our bride dreamed up these adorable hand made signs. Each table will be more intimate and rustic, perfect for the wedding theme, with this small and clever detail. Here at Lost Hill Lake Events we always try to make your event the best it can be through both making your ideas come to life and working with you as well as inspiring you to create new ideas that will make your dream come true. Continue reading

Restoration Project – Hay Wagon

Included as an a la carte options for our Tying the Knot Package here at Lost Hill Lake Events is a romantic hay ride for the wedding couple. Another option would be hay rides for your guests as part of the reception. We have just put the finishing touches on our newly restored hay wagon to make these amazing extras worth it for your wedding. Continue reading

A New Feature – Fencing

One of the many projects that has been completed recently at Lost Hill Lake Events is our new entrance and fencing over looking the Meramec River. The new entrance provides a wider opening for larger vehicles such as rental equipment trucks, food trucks and guests both coming and leaving the property. This new area also allows for a great view of the property when arriving at the your event. Continue reading