Justin & Stacie – June 2016

On June 11th, Justin and Stacie turned Lost Hill Lake Events into the big top!

Our team worked with the couple to create the perfect carnival wedding! It was a hot day but our couple kept cool while family and friends played games and won prizes. Gregory’s Creative Cuisine served carnival themed foods including corn dogs, nachos and funnel cake! The couple also included a fire hula hooper and a firework show! All the beautiful photos below were taken by Alex Kendall!

Enjoy the show! Congrats to Justin and Stacie!

“Not only is the Walnut Grove, and pavilion area stunning but Samantha, Rob and her family are such amazing people to work with. They have made more improvements to there venue in the year I had the space booked AND have branched out into other areas for there in house entertainment like DJing. They never stop amazing me with there ambition, hardwork AND creativity. Sam was such a pleasure to work with! She took all my crazy ideas for a carnival wedding and made sure it could happen… and she made sure it happened flawlessly! Never in my life have I been on time for anything.. and I can say, honestly and happily, thanks to her and my photographer we were right on time for the ceremony! I was told numerous times that my wedding has been the best wedding some of my guests have been to. From the wedding party dancing down the isle, to our game booths, carnival food, spiked snowcones, our fire hoola-hooper, and fireworks! Everyone had so much fun and couldn’t say enough good things about how beautiful the venue was! Its crazy how well Sam saw my vision because I had to constantly explain it to people or stick up for it! It’s like she was reading my mind! Haha Thank you so much Sam, Rob, and the family for helping my dream wedding come true! It was amazing!!!” – Justin & Stacie